Ceremony and Vows

We worked together to write our own wedding ceremony, and we each composed our own vows individually to share them with each other on the big day. We’ve had a lot of requests for copies of our vows, so we thought we’d post them here.


Looking at Arthur, Patricia and the audience:
Neal: Arthur…Patricia…Honored Guests. It is my honor and privilege to welcome you to this joyous occasion. We are all gathered here today – as friends, family or acquaintances – from near and far, to commemorate and recognize not only the past relationship these two have shared, but also the future commitment to its endurance that they will make here today.
Yesterday, they celebrated their eleven-year anniversary. A lot has happened in those eleven years. Arthur and Patricia have graduated high school, attended different colleges and lived hundreds and, at times, thousands of miles apart. During those eleven years – one hundred and thirty two LONG months – they never stopped loving each other. Today, we are all brought together in the name of that love, as we witness the vows that they will swear to each other. Tomorrow, they will begin the lifelong work of upholding those vows in the days and years to come – but for now… LET THE CEREMONY BEGIN!
Looking toward Linda:
Neal: Who has the honor of presenting Patricia to be married and welcoming Arthur into their family?
Linda: “On behalf of her loving family, I do.”
Looking at Vikki:
Neal: Who has the honor of presenting Arthur to be married and welcoming Patricia into their family?
Vikki: “On behalf of his loving family, I do.”

Vow Exchange

Neal: At this time, Arthur and Patricia would like to read the vows they’ve written to each other.
(Arthur and Patricia read their vows to each other)

Arthur: Patricia,
You are the most incredible and amazing person I have ever met, and I cannot conceive of anyone with whom I would rather be standing here today.
I promise that I will only say “I love you” when I mean it, and that I will always say it when I do.
I will put aside frustration for patience, stubbornness for compromise, and recrimination for regeneration.
I will take on your challenges, shoulder your burdens, and support you in all things.
I will stay by your side, in your corner, and at your table, now and forever.
I promise my allegiance and dedication, in this and all things.
I will always try to make you laugh, even when life isn’t being very funny.
I promise to be absolutely insufferable in fifty years when I crow about keeping all of these, even if it’s a stretch.
In short, I promise to love you.

Patricia: Today, I join my life with yours without reservation.
I promise to trust you, appreciate you, respect you, and love you.
I will celebrate your triumphs and morn your losses as though they were my own
And I will spend each day trying to be the person that knowing you has made me want to be.
You are my best friend and I am honored to share each day with you.
Whether in happiness or sorrow, in moments of weakness or strength, my place is by your side.
My friendship, my love, and my loyalty are yours… forever.

Neal: And now…the stuff we’ve all been waiting to hear!

Declaration of Intent

Looking at Arthur:
Neal: Do you, Arthur Benjamin Ganger, take Patricia Sarah Cox to be your lawfully wedded wife…to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?
Arthur: “I do”
Looking at Patricia:
Neal: Do you, Patricia Sarah Cox, take Arthur Benjamin Ganger to be your lawfully wedded husband…to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?
Patricia: “I do”

Exchange of Rings

Neal: Wedding rings are a symbol of commitment and love. Circular and unbroken, they represent the enduring nature of love that is without end. They represent what has been and what always will be. These rings are crafted of a very sturdy material; they are meant to survive years of hand-holding, washing dishes, swimming, video-game playing, page turning, high-fiving and tender caresses. With the exchange of these rings, you exchange a physical token of your vows and your love. By wearing them every day, you show each other – and the world – the strength and enduring nature of that love.
Neal hands ring to Arthur.
Neal: Arthur, you may place this ring on the finger of your very soon-to-be bride.
Arthur places ring on Patricia’s finger
Neal hands ring to Patricia.
Neal: Patricia, you may place this ring on the finger of your almost-husband.
Patricia places ring on Arthur’s finger


Neal: And now, by the power vested in me – from the official courts as well as the Internet – I now pronounce you husband and wife. Arthur – you may kiss your bride!
Arthur kisses Patricia
Neal: Ladies and Gentlemen – may I present – Mr. and Mrs. Arthur and Patricia Ganger!

We know people might want to use material from our ceremony to inspire their own, and that’s okay! We’ve put this ceremony and these vows under a creative commons license. Basically, it means you’re free to make copies and change them however you want, but you have to give us credit, and you can’t use it to make money off of. You can check the creative commons website for details. (If you do want to use this material for commercial purposes, contact us and we’ll talk!)

Creative Commons License
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